Open Source updates

Open Source projects and code are an important aspect of what we do, so it’s good for us to be able to contribute and share with the wider community. Here’s an update of some of the recent work we’ve been doing.


On the uPortal front we’ve contributed a bug fix to the core uPortal framework which should be incorporated into the uPortal 4 patch releases.

And the BlackboardĀ  Virtual Classroom portlet which we originally contributed to the Apereo foundation (then JASIG) has been updated by the University of Wisconsin to version 2.

Blackboard Learn

We have submitted a building block we wrote a while ago to do dynamic web forms to project oscelot, which is an open source community site based around eLearning. We chose to release the bb-webform-tool (as we call it) code on Github.

We have also submitted the a Building Block which allows creation and integration with Confluence Wiki spaces to Project Oscelot, and have put the bb-confluence-tool code on Github in preparation.

The portlet and building block code above have been released under the MIT license.