A new Course Timetable Browser

tileLast week we released a new Course Timetable Browser (CTB), aimed to let students and staff select a bunch of courses and see how they might timetable together. This is aimed to complement the Web Timetables provided by Scientia, and provide some similar functionality to the retired Timetab (a student favourite). You can access the Course Timetable Browser at the link below:


CTB is just a display application. It takes data out of the timetabling database, formats it properly to our desires, then just outputs a web page. There’s no creation or editing, no login and nothing deeper than the user can see.

As well as providing a more visually appealing and printable timetable, CTB is desired to interact better with other applications. The pages are all formed through GET parameters, meaning they can easily be externally constructed. This allows applications to link straight into the timetable of a course (or courses). The latest version of Path will be linking into CTB for the next academic year.

We’ve included some extra GET parameters for developers too; for example, adding “embed” to the query string removes everything but the timetable itself, much more suitable for embedding timetables into other pages.

You can find out more about the developer features, and the rest of CTB, via its help page.