Bursary Management first releases

A new development was implemented in July 2014 to enable processing of Access Bursary applications within EUCLID.

Access Bursaries are one type of a number of centrally and locally administered bursaries and scholarships available from the University of Edinburgh.  Access Bursaries are centrally administered by the Student Administration department.

The internal user base is very small, and the main business user worked closely with the project team to produce a tailored solution.

The project was implemented mid-cycle and therefore started in the middle of the process.  All applications for 2014/5 had already been received, reviewed and scored in the legacy system.  Data was exported from the legacy system to create fund bid records in EUCLID.

Bursary staff have a suite of screens allowing them to:

  • View basic application data and imported references
  • Make initial decision (award, reject  or place on waiting list)
  • Allocate the applicant to a specific bursary fund
  • Release bursary transactions to Finance for payment (due September 2014)

A further release is scheduled for October 2014, to include an online Application Form, Reference request and upload, and staff application processing with full application data.

Jon Martin and Morag Iannetta