Online Registration Phase 2 implemented

Online Registration was implemented late 2013, enabling all students registering on programmes starting on or after 01 January 2014 to register online.  The process allows students to confirm personal details, submit queries regarding information held, and to register for, or decline places on, programmes.  If the student requires Immigration clearance, they are only partially registered via the online registration process: Immigration Compliance staff at the University will then check appropriate documentation and complete the registration for the student.

In the Summer of 2014 the Online Registration functionality was enhanced ahead of the registration period for the main annual cohort of students:

  • Additional protected characteristics questions have been added to the registration process to satisfy HESA requirements
  • When registered/partially registered, students are able to view, update and upload documentation for passports and visas via student self-service for Immigration Compliance
  • Immigration Compliance functionality has been enhanced to allow users to mark documentation as checked, to request further documentation, and allows the user to complete the registration process for international students from ‘Immigration Overview’ screens in addition to ‘Validate International Documentation’ screens.

Jon Martin and Morag Iannetta