Combining pdfs and images in ColdFusion using Java and iText

pdfs, images and text combined in real time

We were writing a ColdFusion application that allows users to claim expenses and add PDFs or images of receipts electronically. The client requested that a single PDF for each claim be created which included both the claim details and ALL electronic attachments.

Using <cfpdf> chewed memory and created huge files

ColdFusion has built in PDF functionality but we found that adding BOTH images and merging other pdfs on the fly had performance issues and created documents with bloated file sizes.

Using iText provided a solution

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Django Training

After the Python course, the same group of developers met again with Toby for a Django framework training.  The Django course was a day shorter than the Python one and felt more focused and intensive.  We were given a great opportunity to build upon our Python knowledge and learn how one does web development using the Django framework.

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