Front-End Development Community Lightning Talks

Word cloud of front-end development words in the shape of a lightning boltLast Thursday the Front-End Development Community hosted our first Lightning Talks event. Eight speakers had five minutes each to introduce us to who they are, the work they do and the tools they work with.

We had contributors and attendees from various parts of the University including the Business School, Information Services and the Edinburgh Clinical Research Facility. Despite the wide range of different teams and systems represented, we found that we have a lot in common. Lots of University staff are using or want to use Git for version control, many are using Handlebars to display content through JavaScript, and quite a few of us are thinking about service oriented architecture.

It was great to hear from so many different voices, and to start piecing together some of the common themes that run through the University. We hope to be able to follow this up with talks diving into a bit more detail, and workshops to see how we’re putting some of our common tools into use.

If you missed the event, or want to remind yourself what was discussed, you can download the slides.

You can find out more about the Front-End Development Community by joining us on Slack (University of Edinburgh email address required), or subscribing to our mailing list.