Python Training

We’re in that exciting period where we’re introducing a new language and new framework within IS Apps: we’re adopting Python with Django¬†as our development platform of choice for web apps. Making such a significant change isn’t just about the technology or the underlying infrastructure but the people too, and means making a significant investment in developing our knowledge and skills.

To that end a group of intrepid developers and I have just undertaken the first of two training courses covering Python and Django.

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Testing Times – Python unittest and Selenium

In the SSP we have been putting together a small suite of performance tests to use as before/after checks in the SITS upgrade. In the SSP we have a mixture of IS and non-IS staff, so it was important to come up with a procedure which was:

  1. Easily maintainable
  2. Accessible to team members who don’t come from a programming background

Selenium was a natural choice, since it is already being used elsewhere in the department, and it has a handy interface which lets you record tests easily.

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